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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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powerless and frustrated. crippled by hurricane irene, marylanders spend another night in the dark. >> what crews are doing to get the power back on. hello i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> it is a race against the clock to restore power. hundreds of people are still in the dark for a third straight night since the hurricane hit. these outages are beginning to have deadly results, megan mccorckel reports.
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>> reporter: bge has already restored power for thousands of customers but for neighborhoods that are still in the dark like this one, worries are rising. another rough night in the dark. >> it's not that good. honestly, to be honest. >> reporter: but for some the power outages could be life threatening. >> only thing worries me is my insulin. you know i don't have anybody to go get me no ice or nothing for it. >> i have inhalers, if i get stuck in a breathing situation i don't have any relief. >> reporter: she's also worried about her neighbor's generator right below her. >> my neighbor, left his generator on last night and it was coming up my window last night. >> reporter: one man died after a generator was found in his garage. >> people should have carbon
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monoxide detectors in their home. >> you hear of tragedies like this one it's really, really sad. >> reporter: at the bge staging area, crews are trying to prevent accidents like that. right now bge has 4,600 power crews on the road. including 500 brought in from alabama just this morning. >> reporter: with a job this huge for some the wait will continue. and emergency officials are really trying to get the word out about generator safety. shock trauma has already had four cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. megan mccorkel. >> dozens of schools are still bout power, you will find the
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school closures on wj you can see a tree crushed the windshield and roof of this car. and many more by this house. they are trying to clean up. the governor wanted to see it all for himself. the sounds and sights of recovery greeted him. >> we'll have teams down here to support the county. >> we have lived here 28 years and we have never had anything like this. >> good to meet you. >> reporter: as governor o'malley met the victims, many of them still hurts. >> it's the worse i've seen in my lifetime down here. >> it shocks me that there has not been greater loss of life. >> reporter: there was no glamour in hollywood maryland this day. >> it's devastating really, heartbreaking. >> reporter: just plenty of resilient people working hard to get back to normal. >> sentimental value lost, a lot of these trees were
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gorgeous, so high up and pretty. now it's doesn't even look like the same place. >> reporter: though the damage here was great, most of what's gone can be replaced. >> it's just a collosal volume of down trees. hard to believe until you go down a street like this. >> reporter: in souther maryland, mike hellgren. in new jersey the flooding from irene is actually getting worse. the water rose even higher today stranding people in their flood ravaged homes. search and rescue teams are going door to door saving trapped people. irene is being blamed for 44 deaths up and down the east coast. we invite you to stay with wjz and for complete coverage of irene's aftermath. you will find the latest on damage and power outages right
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on our home page. power outages aren't the only problems after hurricane irene in baltimore county more than 17 million-gallons of raw sewage are falling into the patasco river. crews noticed the broken sewer line during the height of the clean up. it could take days before that mess is all cleaned up. an elderly man is killed inside his burning house. take a look at the charred remains of the home. crews found the man dead inside. they're not sure what sparked the fire. a maryland man behind bars in aruba could be released from jail tomorrow. kai jackson has the first public words from his father. >> reporter: frank jiodano says his son is a much different
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person than the one being portrayed. frank jiordano says his son is not the one being painted by the critics. >> the least i can do is stand up for my son and tell the world that what they've been hearing about him is not true. he's not a monster. >> reporter: the 80-year-old father of marylander jerry jiordano appeared on today on tuesday. he is accused of the disappearance of another marylander gardener. gardener and jiordiano went on vacation together. she was last seen with him. jiordano told authorities she disappeared while they went snorkeling. jiordano could be released. the defense is going to weigh in and say, you don't have a body. >> you don't have proof that this is anything but a tragic
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accident, you have no reason to hang on to my client. >> reporter: search teams have scoured the island for gardener with jiordano helping at one point but so far they've come up empty-handed. >> i don't know the young lady. i've never met her. i never heard jerry talk about her. >> reporter: authorities say gary took a life insurance policy on robin gardener, one more reason he is considered a suspect. however, it's up to aruban authorities to determine whether he will be remain in jail or released.
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could head injuries lead to insanity? the judge refused to delay norwood's trial. city drivers forced to hit the breaks as more streets are closed for the grand prix. charles street is closed from conway to lee street. more roads closed tomorrow. plan your detours by going to and clicking on links and numbers. basketball royalty in baltimore tonight. lucky fans got the rare chance to see big names like carmelo anthony, james and durant. >> an out of season game against carmelo anthony and his nba all star games. a line of fans lined up for tickets. >> it's great that i get to see
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some nba talent, superstars. i want to see some dunks. >> reporter: mello took on durant who is also from maryland. one hundred dollars for four seats, $40 for general admission. tonight was an overflow crowd. the university was proud to host the exhibition game. >> still surprising to hear that everybody was going to be here. everybody like chris paul, morgan. i'm a morgan student so. >> just a perfect opportunity to show the facility and the home court that baltimore claims very proudly. >> reporter: in the end the hometown hero won it. lebron and the mello league won 141-121. mark will have highlights of that exhibition game. too bad we had to work this evening. that would have been a lot of fun. arrested outside the white
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house. what happened to take hannah away in handcuffs. and what happened to this man and the lucky break that helped save him. a life taken in the waters of the inner harbor and the sentence a local family says is not justice. that story as eyewitness news continues. another pleasant summer day on tap. i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete forwarning weather forecast coming up next.
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it is 64 degrees and clear in central maryland. and clear right now the complete forewarning weather forecast is coming up. hundreds of people are forced out of their homes as a massive grass fire rips through oklahoma city. the fire broke out around noon today. it has already scorched several homes in the area. investigators are still trying to determine what sparked this fire. libyan rebels give gadhafi's forces an ultimatum. rebel leaders are pushing closer to what they're calling the final battleground. gadhafi's hometown. the áf they say they're closing in on the libyan leader's hide out. now they're going to get gadhafi supporters until saturday to surrender.
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thousands of graves may have the wrong head stones or no markers at all. so a group of soldiers has volunteered to sort out the problem. each night they snap pictures of the head stones with their iphone and then compare them with records to make sure the remains match. >> just to make sure that they're labeled correctly. >> they expect to finish the job by december. more than just a stupid prank. it is a push that ends in death in the waters of inner harbor. a man who took that life is going to prison. alex demetrick reports the victim's family says it's not enough. >> reporter: it was almost three years ago to the date that a visit to the inner
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harbor was his last. gupta could not swim. his drowning crushed his parents and three years later they still weep. >> he's gone, he will not come here. he's gone. >> he was a great human being, very kaoeupbt. -- very kind, very loving. always was with his family. >> reporter: in return, a maximum sentence of 10 years was reduced today to just four years in prison leaving family and friends of the victim outraged. >> i'm just disheartened. >> reporter: the family is bringing a civil wrongful death suit against black. >> when you lose a child it's not about recovering money it's about having justice for your family and for your son. >> reporter: what was lost with a senseless push was more than just one life it was the future of a family. >> he killed somebody, he took
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someone away. i mean you know, like the hope of the family. >> he never my grandson, never my granddaughter. we lost everything. our whole future was gone. >> reporter: his parents spoke of their loss in court while brown bowed his head and said he was sorry. the maximum penalty for involuntary manslaughter is 10 years. but most convictions result in sentences between four months and four years. actress darrelle hannah is arrested in a protest outside the white house. the actress was released a short time later. truly bizarre accident in arizona. a man's eye is impaled by a set of pruning sheers. take a look at this x-ray. the 86-year-old was working in
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his yard when he fell face first on to a pair of clippers. the handle went right through his eye socket just missing a major artery in his neck. now amazingly a team of doctors managed to remove the sheers and they saved the man's eye and he's expected to make a full recovery. a fisherman for queen anne's county county makes a rare catch in the bay. he netted a purple crab. you can see the purple under belly and spots on his legs. the color is due to genetics or he is a ravens fan. but i can guarantee you it would be red if he went into the pot. >> you never put that food at
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the bottom of the bail into the bay. 64, 68 dewpoint. no wind at all. 30.16 the barometer on the way back up. that's where we want it to be. 64 here. 61 in oakland. ocean city at the airport look at that. 58degrees right now. that's what the dewpoint is right here. looks like temperatures most places will go down into the mid-upper 50s by morning. locally temperatures in the low to mid-60s. expect over in dc with still pleasant 72 degrees. right now, just about every place reporting calm, wind conditions and that looks like it'll probably be very light tomorrow as well. a slight bit of an east component. to the west, there's a system with some shower activity. right now looks like the chance of a shower here thursday is very, very slim. but that may bring us at least some cloud cover by then. in the meantime, pretty much
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high pressure, a few clouds in the by thursday. and by friday a chance of showers. temperatures in the low perhaps some mid-80s. high pressure rules, moves offshore a little bit and some what warmer conditions come in for the weekend. slight chance of a shower over the weekend. now let's go down to the tropics. i hate to show you this but there is a tropical storm. by tomorrow night probably be a category one hurricane. way out there. it's over 3,000 miles southeast of miami. and all the models, all the tracks have it going in this general northwest direction. by early next week late in the weekend, way up here. but it's going to get stronger. it's already pretty well formed. you can see that spin right there. we're going to wrong way. that should be three up here, we expect it to be maybe a
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category 3 believe it or not by sunday night. but it looks like it's going to be making a turn. that's what all the models appear to be doing some where before it gets to bermuda or between bermuda and the united states. there's another system in the southern gulf of mexico between cuba and mexico. that could become another tropical system over the next three or four days. southeast winds at five knots in the bay. tonight clear and cool, 55 to 62 in the city. tomorrow look for sunshine and pleasantly mild. 84, still dry. the next five days 84. slight chance of a shower thursday. 81 mid- to upper 80s saturday and sunday. perfect weather for labor day. slight chance of a shower during the afternoon. denise. >> check in
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anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. mark is here with our wjz sports report. >> the nba lock out gives baltimore a rare look in. lucky fans in our town treated to what has to be the most star studded pick up game in city history. some of the top talent in the league trying to stay sharp during their uncertain offseason. about 4,500 fans lucky to get tickets. seeing the green team from baltimore against the red from washington, d.c. carmelo anthony doing his job. mello with the dunk. most fans wanted to get a close look at lebron james and the
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heat. king james had 42 points. not a lot of defense. some lebron fans in the stands showing those miami color. dc from the thunder. two of his 59 points all stars putting on a show at morgan state tonight. mello's baltimore stars with e lebron doing a lot of the work. they win it 121-141. let's kick it to the court to the field. ravens still look for the veterans to see much playing time. the ravens would like to see their newly assembled offensive line get some work together but there are injury concerns there. the rookies will likely play the most. it's been an unusual offseason. >> it is a little different. so, we'll just have to see how we're going to handle it. it has to be determined. we talked about it and we have to figure it out. joe flacco will play some
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in the fourth quarter. the subs will finish it. the ravens season opener september 11th. and manager buck showalter had a front row seat to one of the sloppiest games in the season. toronto is equally inept. they both came in to score. the game winning hit off the bat of adams. and the orioles win 6-5 tonight. that was an odd game to say the least and the town still buzzing about basketball for sure. >> thank you. up next it's the holy grail of hockey but that doesn't mean it's unbreakable.
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hockey's coveted cup takes a stumble. the player placed the cup on a table during its appearance. lucky the cup didn't suffer any major damage. it does look dented though. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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